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How IVR Phone Systems Make Life Better for You and Your Ticket Buyers

How to use social proof to sell more tickets

When you organize a ticketed event, it’s critical that you have a good phone system in place to answer calls from ticket buyers. You can either staff up to answer incoming calls yourself, or you can work with a ticketing company that handles ticket buyer calls for you. Either way, you should use an interactive […]

Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do – Part 3

ticketing event logistics

So far in our Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do series, you’ve learned about ticketing that changes everything in Part 1 and ticketing sales and marketing in Part 2. Now, it’s time to talk about logistics. Anyone who has ever organized an event knows that logistics can make or break […]

Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do – Part 2

ticketing sales and marketing

It’s time for Part 2 of our Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do series! You can follow the link to read Part 1 about ticketing that changes everything and Part 3 about logistics. Now, let’s dive into ticketing sales and marketing. At AttendStar, we provide marketing and ticket sales support […]

Things You Never Knew a Ticketing Company Would or Could Do – Part 1

ticketing that changes everything

Recently the AttendStar sales team traveled to the 2022 IAFE convention. We recapped some distinct discussions brought forth in the workshop that we held. The turnout was great, the discussions were insightful, and the feedback we received was reaffirming, “Thank you for not doing another software demo!” We get it, most event managers “go bananas” […]

How to Make Sure Your Event has the Best Bleacher Seating Possible

bleacher seating

Bleacher seat tickets are typically one of the least expensive types of seated tickets you can sell for your events. However, even the cheapest bleacher seat tickets need to provide a good experience for ticket buyers. In other words, when it comes to holding a successful event, making sure the bleacher seating meets ticket buyers’ […]

How to Use Ticketing to Secure Event Sponsors

ticketing event sponsorships

Sponsors are critical to many events, but actually securing event sponsors can be challenging. The truth is many prospective sponsors will say they just want to support your event or show, but what they really want is revenue. They expect a return on investment – either in awareness or revenue, or both – and it’s […]

Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklist

THE ONLY EVENT PLANNING CHECKLIST YOU’LL EVER NEED A comprehensive event planning checklist is essential to holding a successful event. It will keep you on track to hit all of the due dates leading up to your event and ensure you don’t miss any important tasks. As the event date gets closer, your To Do […]

Why FAQs Are So Important To Ticket Sales And Event Success


Did you know that comprehensive FAQs are one of the 20 critical ticket sales page features every event website must have? Not only can publishing excellent answers to frequently asked questions on your ticket sales page save your team a lot of time, but doing so can also give people the trust and confidence they need to […]

Why advanced planning for event marketing and SEO matter to your success


When organizing an event, advance planning is critical to its success. The plan you develop must include details about launching your event marketing and SEO initiatives early enough to significantly impact awareness and ticket sales. In reality, many aspects of digital marketing take some time to drive results, and most promotional investments take time to […]

When and Why You Should Offer Event Ticket Refunds

when and why

In the past, ticket refunds haven’t been allowed for most types of events, but the world has evolved in the last couple of years. As a result, making the decision of whether or not you’ll allow refunds for your event tickets requires a bit more consideration today. Event attendees have evolved along with the changing […]