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Is This the Future of Events?

The future of events is all about technology and personalization. Using rapidly evolving event tech and having access to data about ticket buyers makes a significant difference in how many tickets you sell to your events and how successful those events are. The tricky thing is that the future of events changes rapidly as new technology launches which provides new opportunities to enhance and personalize ticket buyers’ experiences before, during, and after events.

While it’s impossible for most events to keep up with all evolving technology, particularly small events with tight budgets, that doesn’t mean your event can’t stay competitive and relevant. You just need to think about how to invest your money wisely in the event tech that will have the biggest impact for your audience.

With that in mind, think about what evolving tech and experiences will pique your audience’s interest in your event so they’ll be motivated to buy tickets. Also, think about what tech and experiences will deliver the most benefits to your event’s attendees, so they’ll talk about the event, share it on social media, and position your next event for success.

Following are some of the hottest trends for the future of events that could turn your event into a sellout experience that people talk about long after it ends.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is most commonly associated with wristbands people wear at music festivals, but it’s becoming more popular at a wide variety of events. In fact, there may come a time in the near future where attendees will expect RFID technology to be in use at events and will be unhappy if it’s not available.

Today, RFID can be used to speed up lines at the doors or gates of your event as well, provide quick and easy access to VIP areas, speed up lines at food and drink counters by enabling cashless purchases, and more. Watch for RFID to expand in the near future with new capabilities that enhance event experiences for ticket buyers even more.

Non-Traditional Venues

Non-traditional event venues have become very popular in recent years. Rather than renting a concert hall or banquet hall, event planners are choosing warehouses, parking lots, and airport hangars. These unexpected venues create unique experiences for event attendees.

For many events, non-traditional venues tap into attendees’ and performers’ creativity and inspire people. They also get people talking! Many event planners love non-traditional venues because they can be less expensive than traditional options.

Full-Service Support from Your Ticketing Company

Ticketing companies like AttendStar are showing event organizers that planning an event, selling tickets, promoting the event, and handling the logistical aspects don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, events are typically much more successful when a comprehensive approach is taken to planning, promoting, and pulling off a great event.

For example, AttendStar offers ticketing, event marketing, event logistical support, and a wealth of data to assist with artist development and more. Event organizers no longer have to work with dozens of different companies with differing agendas and communication styles. Event organizing, promotion, and ticketing has gotten easier and more affordable with full-service ticketing.

To find the right ticketing company for your event, you need to know what questions to ask. Read the 15 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Online Ticketing Service to learn how to do it.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is growing in popularity at events. Many event organizers are using it to answer basic questions through chatbots. Artificial intelligence is also being used to recommend specific experiences and activities to attendees during events. In fact, attendees love type of personalization!

Let’s use an air show as an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to personalize and enhance an event for attendees. Many air shows offer multiple experiences for attendees. In addition to the actual show featuring airplanes, jets, and helicopters, air shows often have areas to tour planes and jets, bounce house areas for children, food areas, and more.

If the air show has a mobile app, artificial intelligence could be used to sync attendees’ social media profiles to the app. While attendees are at the air show, they could receive personalized recommendations via the event app telling them what activities and experiences are available at different times during the event based on the interests they’ve demonstrated in their social media profiles.

Your Next Steps to Keep up with the Future of Events

The future of events is already here, and savvy event organizers are finding unique ways to enhance attendees’ experiences by integrating technology and data into their events. Consider what types of technology could improve your ticket buyers’ experiences. What would make buying tickets to your event irresistible to them? What would get them talking about your event to other people, which could generate even more ticket sales?

Remember, ticket sales don’t solely depend on performers. Experiences can make a difference when people are trying to decide if your event is worth their time and money.

If you need help with your event ticketing or event marketing, call AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the contact form to get started.

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