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Advanced Ticket Packages are Now Available in AttendStar’s Online Ticketing Software

At AttendStar, we continually release new features to make it easier for event organizers to hold successful events, sell more tickets to their events, and increase revenue. This month, we released Ticket Packages, which takes bundled ticketing to a new level!

What is the New Ticket Packages Feature?

The advanced Ticket Packages feature allows you to create easy-to-buy bundles of tickets that can include different ticket types and ticket combinations. 

This new feature will help drive ticket sales for your event because you can now:

  • Combine a variety of tickets into a simple, straightforward price.
  • Sell packages with no special discount codes.
  • Reduce confusion by eliminating complicated pricing.

The Ticket Packages feature not only helps drive ticket sales but also gives you more control over ticket options and revenue potential in five key ways. Let’s take a look at each.

1. Package Inventory

Package inventory allows you to set limited capacities for each package. This ensures you only sell the maximum number of each package that you’ve allocated. 

The package inventory feature helps you maximize your revenue by giving you full control of sales quantities.

2. Ticket Inventories

Ticket inventories are tied directly to your package inventory to ensure when one of the tickets in a package becomes unavailable, the entire package will be marked as “Sold Out” on your ticket sales page

This feature is dynamically updated. When a specific ticket exists in an active ticket package that has limited capacity, the AttendStar software will automatically sync the remaining capacity to the package, which prevents overselling. 

3. Tickets Remaining

The number of tickets remaining for each package will display up-to-date quantities to ticket buyers for each package you’ve chosen to enable the feature. 

It’s a powerful tool to drive urgency, nudge prospects to buy quickly using FOMO (fear of missing out), and increase sales conversions.

4. Reserved Seating

Reserved seating intelligently integrates into ticket packages. You set up your packages, and the software takes care of the rest!

The Ticket Packages feature combined with reserved seating allows you to easily offer premium hospitality packages with premium seating offers.

5. Promotional Deals

You can easily create promotional deals, like BOGO (buy-one-get-one) or free tickets, with the new Ticket Packages feature. 

There has never been an easier way to offer promotional deals for ticket packages. This new feature provides a zero-hassle way for you to offer ticket promotions and for event attendees to buy them!  

How to Maximize Sales Using AttendStar’s Ticket Packages Feature

Packages typically offer a lower price per ticket for attendees than they would pay if they bought tickets individually. The lower price per ticket combined with “extras” that add value to the package price make packages highly effective for driving early ticket sales and increasing overall attendance for events. 

Following are some example ticket packages that you can create to maximize the success of your events:

Group Packages

Group packages can be used to bring in larger groups who want to get a lower ticket price by buying together. Consider offering different types of group packages to attract niche audiences. 

For example, you could offer corporate packages, quantity-based packages (e.g., a package for groups up to 10 people and another for groups with more than 10 people), and so on. Be creative to attract the right attendees to your event!

Premium or VIP Packages

Premium or VIP packages include tickets and extras, so they have a higher price tag. Extras could include things like reserved seating, promotional merchandise, free food and drinks, free parking, and more. This type of ticket package works well to attract new ticket buyers and maximize revenue from each sale.

For example, if you’re selling tickets to a concert, you could offer premium seating, the performer’s promotional T-shirt or other merchandise, and/or a meet-and-greet with the performer as part of your higher-priced premium or VIP packages.

Family Packages

Family packages typically offer a great deal for families to attend family-oriented events together and at a more affordable price. The individual ticket price is lowered when multiple tickets are purchased together. It’s a great way to promote your event as family-friendly and attract larger groups.

For example, you can create a family package for up to four or six people (the number is up to you) or a family package for a specific number of adults and a specific number of children (e.g., two adults and two children).

Key Takeaways about Advanced Ticket Packages

The Ticket Packages feature is available to all of AttendStar’s online ticketing platform users and integrates seamlessly with all existing platform features to make your ticket-selling experiences and your guests’ ticket-buying experiences better than ever!

Contact us to learn more about the advanced Ticket Packages now available through the AttendStar ticketing platform.