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Promotion Tip #12 – Fees and More Ticket Fees

If you’re like most people, you hate “added fees.” This includes ticket fees.

We did some research and figured out you will sell 20% more online tickets when you include all fees in the ticket price.

The reason is simple–as we said, people do not like fees. Some benefits of online ticket sales include collecting email addresses and selling tickets early. Why not encourage ticket buyers to buy early and supply their information by including all the fees in the ticket price?

The public is pretty smart and know that a $25.00 ticket with a $3.00 fee is still a $28.00 ticket. I’ll say it again: people hate fees.

Imagine the surprise on your ticket buyer’s face when you say tickets are $28.00, and when they buy tickets, they are indeed $28.00.

Your email list will grow; your fans will love you.

Almost all ticketing systems like AttendStar allow you to include the fees in the ticket price.  

The benefits of online ticket sales are NUMEROUS because then you get to use really cool (and free!) promotional services like Remind Me, Ticket Buyer Buzz and Social Discounts.

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