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Top 3 Online Advertising Options to Promote Your Events

promote your event

Paid online advertising is an effective marketing investment to promote your events and sell more tickets. The challenge for many event organizers is figuring out where to advertise online and which networks to use. The key to successfully using online advertising to promote your events is to stay focused on your audience and goals as […]

The Most Important Event Email Marketing Campaign

event email marketing campaign

The most important event email marketing campaign that you should use for every event you sell tickets to is a cart abandonment campaign. This type of email marketing campaign is referred to as remarketing because it gives you an opportunity to promote your event to people who have already expressed interest in it. For shopping […]

Introduction to PPC Advertising to Sell More Event Tickets

PPC advertising

PPC advertising is very effective to help raise awareness of your event brand and to sell more tickets. PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click. PPC advertising is a type of online advertising that can be very affordable for small and large brands. These ads appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) […]

Guide to Guerrilla Marketing for Event Promotion and Increased Ticket Sales

event promotion

Guerrilla marketing provides an affordable way for event organizers to increase ticket sales. In simplest terms, guerrilla marketing enables you to promote your event on a shoestring budget using creative, memorable tactics. Traditional offline marketing includes tactics like radio advertising, print advertising, and press releases. Digital marketing tactics include things like social media marketing, content […]

Event Marketing Step-by-Step – Creative Ways to Sell More Tickets

event marketing

Event marketing includes more than simply placing some ads and creating a great ticket sales page. To sell enough tickets for your event to be a success, you need to get strategic with your marketing investments. Your first step is to define your goals and budget. With that information in hand, you can begin developing […]

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

social media event marketing

Promoting your events through social media event marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate ticket sales. The truth is that if you build it (i.e., an event website and ticket sales page), they won’t come. That’s the reality of the internet. There are simply so many websites out there today that creating […]

5 Creative Event Marketing Ideas You Should Steal

event marketing ideas

Creative event marketing ideas can boost ticket sales exponentially. While you’ve undoubtedly heard about the importance of promoting your event through social media marketing and advertising, if you really want your event to be successful, it can help to think outside the box. Here are five creative event marketing ideas you might not have thought […]

How to Sell More Tickets with Facebook Ads for Event Marketing

facebook ads for event marketing

Facebook ads are very effective for event marketing and can help you sell more tickets for just about any kind of event you organize and promote. For offline events like concerts, festivals, fairs, and so on, Facebook ads also offer an affordable way to make the right people aware of your event and motivate them […]

5 Essential S’s of Marketing an Event

marketing an event

When it comes to marketing an event, there are many promotional tactics that you can use to build awareness of your event and encourage people to buy tickets. However, if you don’t start out with a plan in place, you’ll waste money on initiatives that won’t effectively support your goals or drive adequate returns on […]

Event Metrics You Must Track to Sell More Tickets

event metrics

Do you track key event metrics leading up to your event? Waiting to track the performance of your marketing investments and ticket sales until after your event is over is a very big mistake. At that point, it’s too late to make changes that could significantly impact ticket sales. The event is over and you […]