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Not Selling Enough Tickets to Your Fair?

Today, people expect to b e able to buy tickets to events online. Whether it’s a big fair, or a small fair, the majority of people will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that they can’t buy tickets online and in advance….

Why advanced planning for event marketing and SEO matter to your success


When organizing an event, advance planning is critical to its success. The plan you develop must include details about launching your event marketing and SEO initiatives early enough to significantly impact awareness and ticket sales. In reality, many aspects of digital marketing take some time to drive results, and most promotional investments take time to […]

How to Develop an Event Website to Maximize Ticket Sales

event website sales

Every event needs a website. The reason is simple. Potential ticket buyers are practically guaranteed to go online, search for your event, visit the results they find, and decide whether or not they want to buy tickets based on what they find. Therefore, your event must have a great website so you can maximize ticket […]

Measuring Event Marketing Success with Data-Driven Attribution

data driven attribution

On January 26, 2022, Google will upgrade all Google Analytics 4 properties to cross-channel data-driven attribution. What does that mean and how will it affect event marketers’ abilities to track the success of their digital ad investments? Don’t worry. It’s actually simpler than it sounds. What is Data-Driven Attribution? At the most basic level, data-driven […]

How to Use UTM Codes in Your Event Marketing to Boost Ticket Sales

utm codes event marketing

The only way to maximize your event marketing results is to optimize your event marketing investments, but you can’t do either if you’re not effectively tracking the results of every dollar you spend. That’s where UTM codes make everything so much easier and more accurate. In simplest terms, UTM codes are snippets of text added […]

How to Sell More Event Tickets with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing


What happens to people who visit your event’s ticket sales page, put tickets in their shopping carts, but leave without completing their transactions? Their behaviors show that they were very interested in your event, but something stopped them from taking the final steps to buy. Don’t let them get away! Instead, re-engage them using abandoned […]

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Events


Email marketing has been proven to be one of the best ways to promote products, services, and events. Email marketing is more effective at generating sales than search engine marketing and social media marketing, so it’s essential that email marketing is included in your event marketing plan. Research has found that 4.24% of visitors from an […]

10 Event Marketing Graphics Every Event Organizer Should Use

event marketing graphics

Whether you’re organizing a large or small event, an indoor or outdoor event, or any other type of event, you need a collection of visual content that captures people’s attention and motivates them to buy tickets in order to effectively promote it. Both online and offline marketing rely heavily on irresistible event graphics, so get […]

How to Use Instagram Event Marketing to Increase Ticket Sales


Instagram is the third most popular social media platform in the world according to Pew Research Center. With 35% of all U.S. adults using Instagram, only YouTube (with 78% of U.S. adults using it) and Facebook (with 68% of U.S. adults using it) are more popular. That means more than one out of every three […]

Why YouTube is Critical for Event Marketing and Venue Promotion

youtube event marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world. In other words, if people are looking for information or content (including information about events or venues), they’re probably using YouTube or Google to find it. That means savvy event marketers understand the […]