When and Why You Should Offer Event Ticket Refunds

when and why

In the past, ticket refunds haven’t been allowed for most types of events, but the world has evolved in the last couple of years. As a result, making the decision of whether or not you’ll allow refunds for your event tickets requires a bit more consideration today. Event attendees have evolved along with the changing […]

How to Use Unlock Codes to Sell Event Tickets Fast and Early


Every event organizer knows that the sooner you can generate excitement and buzz about your event and the sooner you can sell tickets and generate cash flow, the more successful your event will be. Unlock codes are a great way to do it! What are Unlock Codes? Unlock codes are exclusive alphanumeric codes (kind of […]

Online Ticketing – The Key to Your Event’s Success

online ticketing

Research shows more people buy tickets online to events today than by phone or in-person, which means if you’re not selling tickets online, you’re losing ticket sales. It’s that simple. The key to your event’s success is determining the features you need, so you can select the best online ticketing platform for you. To help […]