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Not Selling Enough Tickets to Your Fair?

Today, people expect to b e able to buy tickets to events online. Whether it’s a big fair, or a small fair, the majority of people will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that they can’t buy tickets online and in advance….

How to Use Post-Event Surveys to Improve Future Event Success

You held an event, and you think it was successful. But was it really? Did attendees think the event was as great as you did? Will they buy tickets next time you hold a similar event? Will they tell other people to buy tickets to your next event? You don’t know the answers to these […]

How to Use Social Proof to Sell More Tickets

How to use social proof to sell more tickets

One of the best ways to sell more tickets for your event is to elicit consumers’ emotional responses through your marketing messages and experiences. This includes the messages and experiences on your event’s ticket sales page.  A powerful emotion that research proves directly motivates people to buy is fear of missing out (FOMO). In fact, […]

Why advanced planning for event marketing and SEO matter to your success


When organizing an event, advance planning is critical to its success. The plan you develop must include details about launching your event marketing and SEO initiatives early enough to significantly impact awareness and ticket sales. In reality, many aspects of digital marketing take some time to drive results, and most promotional investments take time to […]

Top 5 Benefits of Managing Fair Ticket Sales Online


Managing fair ticket sales online makes the entire process of selling, refunding, and promoting easier than ever, and it’s extremely affordable if you find the best fair ticketing provider for your fair. While there are many benefits to managing fair ticket sales online, there are five that most fair organizers can’t live without: flexibility, automation, […]

AttendStar Client Spotlight – Dave Fitzgerald and the Christian Radio Network

client spotlight

Each year, AttendStar tickets a long list of Christian concerts across the country, including more than 60 concerts per year for the Christian Radio Network. We spoke with Dave Fitzgerald, who is the National Director of Events for the Christian Radio Network, for this month’s Client Spotlight interview.   What is the Christian Radio Network? […]

How Performers Can Book Their Own Shows

performers book own shows

As a performer, booking your own shows can be a daunting task. It’s rarely easy, and it’s almost always time-consuming. For every 100 inquiries you make, you could get 99 rejections, but that one gig that you do land can make all the difference in the world. While that gig is unlikely to skyrocket your […]

10 Marketing Tips for Explosive Artist Development

marketing tips

Artist development is an ongoing process, but through effective marketing, you can skyrocket your artist development results quickly. Remember, developing an artist is similar to developing any other product or service in the marketplace. There are specific ways you can promote the artist to boost awareness and sales – including event ticket sales – using […]

The Ultimate 12-Month Event Planning Checklist


The Ultimate 12-Month Event Planning Checklist If you’re not a professional event planner and you’re asked to organize a large (or small) event, the task can seem completely overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you do and when? There are so many moving parts and pieces to planning an event, but with a comprehensive […]