Why Even Small Fairs Need Online Ticketing

small fairs online ticketing

Today, every fair should offer tickets for sale online no matter how big or small. The truth is online ticketing offers many benefits that make fairs more successful. It’s just one more thing organizers can do to ensure their fairs are an incredible success, so they can hold their events again next year. One of […]

Dynamic Ticket Pricing – Pros and Cons for Event Ticketing


Dynamic ticket pricing isn’t a new concept. Airlines have been using dynamic ticket pricing for years with a simple goal – to optimize the balance between earnings and capacity. That $300 plane ticket you bought may have cost the person in the seat next to you just $99. As consumers, we’ve grown to accept that’s […]

Expert Fair Website and Marketing Plan Tips to Boost Ticket Sales


Finding the right fair ticketing provider is just the first step in holding a successful fair. If you don’t have a great fair website and marketing plan, you won’t sell enough tickets to have your fair again next year! AttendStar has partnered with Beyond Spots & Dots – a full-service advertising agency with a proven […]

Top 5 Benefits of Managing Fair Ticket Sales Online


Managing fair ticket sales online makes the entire process of selling, refunding, and promoting easier than ever, and it’s extremely affordable if you find the best fair ticketing provider for your fair. While there are many benefits to managing fair ticket sales online, there are five that most fair organizers can’t live without: flexibility, automation, […]

5 Creative Ticketing Tricks to Sell More Fair Tickets

sell more fair tickets

Sometimes you need to get creative to maximize fair ticket sales. Fortunately, AttendStar has been ticketing large outdoor events for a long time, and we’ve learned some tricks along the way – tricks that we’ve seen work really well to boost ticket sales. To help you get the most from your efforts, try one or […]

How to Analyze Online Event Metrics to Maximize Fair Ticket Sales


In today’s world, data rules – even for fair ticket sales. If you don’t have a way to collect and analyze data related to your fair’s ticket sales, then you may not sell enough tickets to breakeven, let alone generate a profit to ensure you can hold your fair again in the future. With that […]

How Fairs Can Use Event Reminder Email Messages to Sell More Tickets


One of the biggest opportunities to increase fair ticket sales is by keeping your event top-of-mind among people who aren’t sure if they want to attend or not. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do it. When you send event reminder email messages to people who are interested in your fair, you […]