Event Marketing

When organizing an event, planning, finding the right venue and narrowing the audience or guest list can be time-consuming. Why not allow AttendStar and a Certified Agency Partner to help you with event marketing and promotion? While we primarily offer ticketing software services, we can help drastically with event-based marketing when you become our client.

How Can AttendStar Help With Event Marketing?

AttendStar is set up with all kinds of features to help market your event — whether it is a concert, church event, non-profit fundraiser or something else. We can provide event marketing services to ensure your event is sold out, your venue is packed and you achieve just the right level of attention for your event.

Check out some of the effective ways AttendStar can help with event marketing:


Facebook Advertising

Build and test Facebook ads right from the AttendStar dashboard to target your event audience.


Email Marketing

AttendStar helps drive interest in your event by amping up your email design, message and imagery. Further, we help you keep track of the success of email campaigns.


Ad Retargeting

AttendStar works with you to create retargeted ads to get the attention of prior visitors to your ticket sales page to garner more sales.


Website and Graphic Design

We work to build a website that is specifically designed to attract attention and achieve sales through using the proper graphics and professional layout.


Promotion and Ticket Sales Tracking

AttendStar’s event marketing software uses data and Attendalytics to analyze data across all events — finding new ways to effectively market yours.



Creating copy that works for your advertising plans is important, and AttendStar will help. Ads, flyers, webpages — we go through them all to ensure your copy is up to par.

The AttendStar Difference

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding an event management company. However, picking the best means knowing what it has to offer that the other companies do not.

Here are some of the many reasons event organizers choose AttendStar:

  • Unique marketing tools are available for use.
  • No hidden fees to use the software and tools; only straightforward percentage-based costs.
  • Around-the-clock, professional and friendly customer service for you and your buyers.
  • Ability to design and brand your tickets.
  • Lower ticket costs, because the flat fee per ticket does not drive up prices.

Who Would Benefit From AttendStar’s Event Marketing?

We may not advertise ourselves specifically as an event marketing company, however, the underlying layers of service beneath our ticketing software persona show that almost anyone with an event to advertise could reap the benefits provided.

A few examples of event planners who would benefit from our services include:

  • Nonprofit event planners
  • Planners who struggle with the marketing side of an event
  • Those in need of localized attention for an event
  • Those planning a concert, benefit auction or other ticketed event

No minimums. No out-of-pocket expenses. No contracts. No fine print. No hassle. Really!

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