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Why Every Event Should Offer Buy Now Pay Later Tickets

At AttendStar, we’re always looking for new features to add to our event ticketing platform that can help event organizers sell more tickets, generate additional revenue, and hold successful events. That’s why we partnered with Affirm, a well-known and highly respected payment processor, to add a new Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) feature into the […]

Top 3 Ways Premium Seating Boosts Ticket Sales and Event Success

premium seating ticket sales

Premium seating brings significant benefits to any event. Of course, premium seats are typically sold at a higher price than general admission or other ticket options, but the benefits of offering premium seating options go far beyond revenue. What is Premium Seating? Premium seating can refer to a variety of ticket types. For example, if […]

Ticket Buyer Buzz


The people who buy tickets to your event are usually your biggest fans. They’re the people who love the event, the performers or speakers, the crowd, the food, and everything else offered during their experience. Don’t let their passion for your event go to waste! Instead, you should leverage your ticket buyers’ excitement by giving […]

Event Websites

event website to sell tickets

EVENT WEBSITES DESIGNED TO SELL MORE TICKETS Your event website will be customized using one of our event templates to match your event with colors, images, videos, and text that speak to your audience and help your event sell more tickets. Check out this sample website here. Event websites designed by AttendStar include: Easy to see date and […]

5 Sales Strategies to Sell More Event Tickets


There are many secrets to setting event ticket prices that can help you maximize ticket sales, but how do you know which ones you should use for your event? The truth is – you won’t know until you do some testing. Fortunately, it’s easy to run a variety of ticket pricing tests if you’re using […]

Dynamic Ticket Pricing – Pros and Cons for Event Ticketing


Dynamic ticket pricing isn’t a new concept. Airlines have been using dynamic ticket pricing for years with a simple goal – to optimize the balance between earnings and capacity. That $300 plane ticket you bought may have cost the person in the seat next to you just $99. As consumers, we’ve grown to accept that’s […]

5 Creative Ticketing Tricks to Sell More Fair Tickets

sell more fair tickets

Sometimes you need to get creative to maximize fair ticket sales. Fortunately, AttendStar has been ticketing large outdoor events for a long time, and we’ve learned some tricks along the way – tricks that we’ve seen work really well to boost ticket sales. To help you get the most from your efforts, try one or […]

10 Reasons to Use Free Ticketing When You Don’t Charge for Your Event Tickets

free ticketing

Even if tickets to attend your event are completely free, it’s a good idea to use online ticketing. There is no easier way to stay organized than using a reputable online ticketing platform to distribute your event tickets. What is Free Ticketing? Free ticketing is simply a term used to describe the ticketing process for […]

The Relationship between Artist Development and Ticketing for Event Success

artist development and ticketing

Which comes first ticketing or artist development? The truth is ticketing and artist development go hand-in-hand. Together, ticketing and artist development lead to sell-out events, but such a high level of success is rarely achieved overnight. For most, artist development is a process, and in today’s world, that process is driven by data. When an […]

How to Create a Holiday Event Website that Sells More Tickets

holiday event websites

If you’re holding a holiday event, get ready for a lot of competition. For most people, the holidays are jam-packed with work parties, family get-togethers, and gatherings with friends. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to attend other holiday events just for fun. Don’t let that deter you though! With some strategic event marketing, […]