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How to Reduce Connectivity Risks that Threaten Event Success

Just because you have “full bars” doesn’t mean the devices your event needs to operate successfully will work how you need them to. The reality is local internet connections aren’t set up to handle the large influx of use that happens during a fair, expo or another large event. Consider the data for your event: […]

How to Use Social Proof to Sell More Tickets

How to use social proof to sell more tickets

One of the best ways to sell more tickets for your event is to elicit consumers’ emotional responses through your marketing messages and experiences. This includes the messages and experiences on your event’s ticket sales page.  A powerful emotion that research proves directly motivates people to buy is fear of missing out (FOMO). In fact, […]

How IVR Phone Systems Make Life Better for You and Your Ticket Buyers

How to use social proof to sell more tickets

When you organize a ticketed event, it’s critical that you have a good phone system in place to answer calls from ticket buyers. You can either staff up to answer incoming calls yourself, or you can work with a ticketing company that handles ticket buyer calls for you. Either way, you should use an interactive […]

Event Websites

event website to sell tickets

EVENT WEBSITES DESIGNED TO SELL MORE TICKETS Your event website will be customized using one of our event templates to match your event with colors, images, videos, and text that speak to your audience and help your event sell more tickets. Check out this sample website here. Event websites designed by AttendStar include: Easy to see date and […]

Measuring Event Marketing Success with Data-Driven Attribution

data driven attribution

On January 26, 2022, Google will upgrade all Google Analytics 4 properties to cross-channel data-driven attribution. What does that mean and how will it affect event marketers’ abilities to track the success of their digital ad investments? Don’t worry. It’s actually simpler than it sounds. What is Data-Driven Attribution? At the most basic level, data-driven […]

How to Use UTM Codes in Your Event Marketing to Boost Ticket Sales

utm codes event marketing

The only way to maximize your event marketing results is to optimize your event marketing investments, but you can’t do either if you’re not effectively tracking the results of every dollar you spend. That’s where UTM codes make everything so much easier and more accurate. In simplest terms, UTM codes are snippets of text added […]

Flying Drones at Air Shows – A Success Story to Learn From

flying drones at air shows

Want to fly a drone at your air show? It’s a great way to improve the show experience for attendees and everyone else involved, particularly in terms of better traffic management and safety. However, it’s still not easy to get permission to fly a drone at an air show. But it’s not impossible. Recently, AttendStar […]

A Guide to Implementing UTMs On Your Own

UTM guide

Since you’re here, you’re probably a programmer who would like to understand the exact process and steps required to put together your own UTM Event Strategy and then organize and create all the individual UTMs necessary to conduct a campaign. If you’re not, feel free to go back to the article that originally introduced UTMs […]

Is This the Future of Events?

future of events

The future of events is all about technology and personalization. Using rapidly evolving event tech and having access to data about ticket buyers makes a significant difference in how many tickets you sell to your events and how successful those events are. The tricky thing is that the future of events changes rapidly as new […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Data, data, data! It seems like everywhere you look marketers, business people, and even event organizers are obsessed with analytics. We can track so much these days that it’s easy to get caught up in data paralysis. In other words, we fail to take risks and take action unless we have data to support those […]