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Dynamic Ticket Pricing – Pros and Cons for Event Ticketing


Dynamic ticket pricing isn’t a new concept. Airlines have been using dynamic ticket pricing for years with a simple goal – to optimize the balance between earnings and capacity. That $300 plane ticket you bought may have cost the person in the seat next to you just $99. As consumers, we’ve grown to accept that’s […]

Introducing Buy One Get One Free Ticketing and BOGO+


AttendStar now offers Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) ticketing to help you sell more tickets for your events as well BOGO+ where you can offer different BOGO combinations like Buy 10 and Get 1 Free or Buy 15 and Get 2 Free. If you’re already using AttendStar to sell event tickets, you can create […]

Scannable Parking Passes

At AttendStar we’re always looking for new ideas and features to make our online ticketing software better. Many times, those new ideas come directly from our event managers. Our newest feature, scannable parking passes, comes as a request from one of our air show clients. We think it’s a fantastic new feature that will make […]

The Right Price. The Right Service.

One thing we have learned from working with over 6,000 events is that they are all different. We have been listening to our clients and after months in the making, we have added some new services and pricing levels to our existing pricing. All of you who have been paying our low $1.50 flat fee, and […]

New for Stripe and

New for Stripe and, we have two new features and these are aimed at those of you that use Stripe or On the Ticket Sales Report, you can now specify a time zone for your reports. Stripe uses UTC time and sometimes it is hard to reconcile your deposits with Stripe and our […]

New Ticket Discount Report

New feature alert! Our new Ticket Discount Report was made possible by our client, Krystal, from Naval Air Station Kingsville and our own engineer, Rob. While it’s not a fancy report, it sure tells a story and it’s valuable! Many thanks to our client for asking for the report, and a very special thanks to Rob for […]

Event Ticketing Analytics

Using our new Event Ticketing Analytics, which we call Attendalytics, you will be able to learn more about your ticket buyers, ticket sales page visits or sessions (and when these happen), plus tie them all together to see the bigger picture. Our goal with Event Ticketing Analytics is to allow you, the event manager, to […]

Who Are We? Event Marketing or Ticketing?

When I started AttendStar in 2009, I knew that plain old ticketing would not be the end result.  In fact, I did not even want the word “ticket” in the name of the company.  Mainly because my background is in event management and promotion.  Hard to admit this, but I did not even like ticketing […]

Social Discounts: The Modern Street Team

AttendStar is INCREDIBLY THRILLED to bring you one of our newest and most unique features, SOCIAL DISCOUNTS! Now, event managers can sell more tickets to their events without any extra effort, their ticket buyers do all the work for them! We’ve all heard the benefits of social media marketing by now; how it created consumer […]