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Air Shows

Flying Drones at Air Shows – A Success Story to Learn From

drones at air shows

Want to fly a drone at your air show? It’s a great way to improve the show experience for attendees and everyone else involved, particularly in terms of better traffic management and safety. However, it’s still not easy to get permission to fly a drone at an air show. But it’s not impossible. Recently, AttendStar…

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Scannable Parking Passes


At AttendStar we’re always looking for new ideas and features to make our online ticketing software better. Many times, those new ideas come directly from our event managers. Our newest feature, scannable parking passes, comes as a request from one of our air show clients. We think it’s a fantastic new feature that will make…

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How Retargeting Sells More Tickets


A good digital advertising campaign uses every possible avenue to try and reach customers. In addition to working on your local SEO, social media campaigns and pay-per-click advertising, it’s important to test new methods of reaching your targets. One of the newer digital advertising options worth trying is known as retargeting. These ads target people who…

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Printed Event Tickets

Printed Event Tickets

Just because we are a leading online ticketing company does not mean we also do not provide those “old fashioned” printed event tickets.  In fact, we sell hundreds of thousands–and do this at just .10 each! Printed event tickets have been around for a long long time, and we don’t see them totally going away…

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Event Creation Checklist

Event Checklist

Often times an event creation checklist is used to remind us to do things like do social marketing, distribute posters, print tickets, make phone calls and items related to the promotion.  Here is an event checklist that just shares the items related to posting your event with an online ticketing company. Since it is after…

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The Infamous Abandoned Shopping Cart

Sell tickets

So what does the infamous abandoned shopping cart mean? This means a ticket buyer starts to buy tickets and at some point in the process, they abandon the purchase for any reason. It could be a perfectly good reason or it could be a very bad reason. Good reasons: How much are tickets? Any hidden fees?…

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Perception is Reality

magnifying glass

It’s been a busy week here at AttendStar as we learned that perception is a reality. Here’s the story. Earlier in the week, a ticket buyer called to order a ticket to an event.  The issue they were having is they said a discount code did not work.  When our call center heard this, the representative…

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